Unique Fashion Designs – A gift to fashion industry

GPIndia is a melting pot of fashion designs and the fashion industry is always brimming with new trends each day. New designs keep evolving throughout, owing to its rich cultural traditions and ethnic roots. India is a place of antique garment designs, nonetheless a rapidly emerging fashion industry. The vivid cultural history of India gave rise to exquisite weaves with intrinsic patterns and extensive embellishments in dresses. Old is always gold and hence all these ancient ethnic design patterns are revived in the modern day clothing. Ethnic designs have always played an important and contributing factor to the overall growth of the Indian fashion industry.

                Another factor to the growing fashion trends is from the rise of Bollywood fashion. Numerous designs are inspired from our favorite Bollywood divas. From Madhubala’s anarkali in Mughal-e-Azam, Madhuri Dixit’s costumes in Hum Apke Hain Kaun, to the current divas like Priyanka Chopra and DeepikaPadukone and various others have set a big stage of budding fashion trends. A lot of dresses are inspired from the prevalent style of Bollywood and it has always influenced a lot of new designs in the fashion industry.

                Below is a small preview of the top notch ethnic fashion designs that are popular off late and have become fashion trendsetters

  • Anarkalis–This rich flowy silhouette has donned a special place in a lady’s wardrobe and this ancient Mughal style dress has set a big fashion crazewith abundant varieties.
  • Kurthis– Made in different fabrics and weaves embellished with ethnic style prints or embroideries have earned a special place and is a wardrobe staple now.
  • Designer Blouses – With the advent of designer sarees, blouses with detail embellishments have mushroomed. Ethnic blouses with detailed embroidery and design work have gained popularity. These embellishment and embroideries represent the regal charm of a queen.
  • Print Mania – Be it Block Prints, digital prints, tribal prints or handmade prints, it has created a wave of inspiration and forms a major part of our attires. Some of these prints are age old handiwork practiced in different parts of Indiaand is now revived in our clothing.
  • Exquisite Embroidery and Patch works –Golden embroidery and floral embroidery are the top picks of the season with the timeless embroidery works being renewed in modern dresses.
  • Brocade –The brocade or jacquard fabric was a popular fabric from olden days and embodies luxury with its innate patterns. Lot of blouses and sarees drawn from this fabric have become really widespread now and have created a big influence in today’s designs in many dresses.
  • Antique Jewellery–Jewllery from the ancient times are now regaining great momentum in the fashion industry, with many old designs getting its groove back in modern day designs.

To wrap up, a lot of old and ethnic designs are now fast catching up and have borne into revived fashion trends now. Designs inspired from the good olden days are a dominant factor contributing to the overall boom in the fashion marketplace. Also a lot of the Bollywood fashion trends have impacted a great deal with numerous designs mirrored from them.