Quirky Fashion Dissertation Topics Can Save Your Grades

classYes, you read it right. In any case, fashion is all about innovation and creativity, and an unconventional, yet subject oriented fashion dissertation topic is the perfect way to establish that knowledge. A quirky title will allow you to do more original research, would lessen the chances of plagiarism, will keep tediousness away, and most importantly, it will allow you to showcase your artistry, the very thing that has made you a fashion doctorate aspirant.

From reviewers point of view as well, these topics are more recognizable. Believe it or not, they have a bundle of write-ups on the influence of fashion on history, political world, celebs, everyday life and so on. Though the contents of these dissertations may vary, the sheer name of similar titles provokes the naysayer in most reviewers. So, indeed, you need to get out of the box if you really wish to improve your GPA scores.

Social awareness with fashion

Not exactly what your faculty gets to see everyday. Moreover, the theme is completely subject oriented. Of course, you can always search for a more specific title like how so-and-so fashion trend has created awareness in such-and-such fields, so long you keep the track on the fashion part instead of the revolution one.

Clothing rules and religious autocracy

Topics on such themes could go viral (if really impressive) or may venture the path to the pile of rejected dissertation writing proposals if you fail to adhere to the common courtesy convention, i.e. never use provoking comments that may hurt someone’s religious sentiments. All in all, it would be better to consult your dissertation committee beforehand.

Fashion as means of expression

As a fashion student, you must already know that it isn’t about superfluity at all, fashion has always been more about way of expression. But since the myth isn’t completely debunked in society, take it upon your shoulders and write your dissertation on it. You may use the references of various traditions and civilizations to support your thesis statement.

The relation between varied dance styles and fashion

If you have ever seen the Indian classical dance ‘Kathakali’ or the Philippine folk dance ‘Singkil’ you will understand how correlated dance and fashion is. Though in the western dance forms like ‘Ballet’, ‘Hip-hop’, ‘Salsa’ and ‘Tango’ the peculiarity in the selection of dance costume depends on the way of increasing the emphasis of the steps performed by the dancers, but that is not the only reason that attaches the dance forms with fashion. Indeed, there are more considerations that are put into the selection, which you can explore in your fashion dissertation paper.

See, it is just a matter of leaving the set premises that has kept the original fashion dissertation topics in the waiting list of your creative mind. There is much to explore in this field so do not depend on the fashion dissertation examples, and create one of your own.