Top 5 Fashion Blunders To Avoid

11Fashion can be tricky. On one hand, everybody keeps telling you to wear what you like and in whatever you feel comfortable and on the other hand the fashion police keeps lashing out if you try to do something different. Okay, not always. Only when you can’t see the difference between good different and bad different!

But, how do you know the choice you are making is a good one and not a fashion blunder? Since the list of what you can wear, what you can wear with what and how to wear your clothes to make a fashion statement is long, let’s stick to the fashion mistakes you have to focus on avoiding at any cost.

Socks with slippers and sandals or Bulky/Chunky Shoes

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Buy Fashion Online With Wide Variety

14One basic thing that one might get with online clothing stores is the simple and elegant designs that are being creating a tremendous response to the teenagers and youngsters. This is also because they are promoting each and every kind of clothing and other accessories with up to 85 % off. Other than that they also are providing with extra benefits like discounts on every winter subject. They deal with special designer winter wear and provide with best offers on daily deals. There are great features that are supportive to their fashion and style. The fashion industry had become trendy with their contribution to the world with their global fashion online. They are updated with the best of fashionable dresses that keep changing every alternative day according to the fashion. The team members are dedicated enough to make the company feel proud on their performance. Their contribution to the society to make it fashionable has been making the company feel proud with their dedication and determination. U.S. reproduction uniforms are of high quality and are made available at an affordable price.

Winter fashion online:

These types of winter wear should be made from woolen like fabrics because they are good insulator that has been undergoing the system to absorb moisture without becoming wet and for the reason it is quite expensive. This can be used against the skin but at certain times it does sticks to the body giving an itchy feeling, so it is mandatory that you should select properly with looking to the proper stitching patterns. There is other materials selected from animals like that of feathers which are good insulators and even offer twice warmth but are c heavier. From these there is some kind of furs and from them are made the pants, Alpha Jackets, dresses that are being made to provide protection in the winter season. The animals like camel, sheep and angora goats are used and reared to bring out their furs for the purpose of making these kinds of woolen fabricated apparels for the purpose of making the best of all kinds and specially the clothes for the winter season.

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Where Can Fashion Journalism Training Lead?

12Most students undertake training in fashion journalism with the aim of writing for fashion publications or websites, either as staff writers or freelancers. However, fashion journalism training can also be the first step toward other careers, both within and outside the industry. Here are a few alternative options.

Many graduates of fashion journalism courses, choose to follow a progressive career path, maybe starting with a period of work experience or an internship, followed by an entry level job that, over a period of time, leads to promotions and maybe even an editor’s role or a freelance career.

Other graduates prefer to begin with the freelance route, which involves pitching article ideas to publications in the hope of being given a commission. Over time, freelancers build up a portfolio of work and may get the chance to write for the top fashion publications.

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Career Options after Graduating From a Fashion Designing College in India

perguruanThe path that you choose should interest you in the first place and offer you chances of growth in the future. Here in this short write-up we shall discuss a few career options that you can choose after graduating from a fashion design college.

Glitz World

It is the dream of any designer to have models walk down the ramp in their designed outfits or get the cover page in a leading fashion magazine. If you are interested in the glitz world you can take part in fashion shows and other events. Of course this would require a lot of investment but if you have the right ideas and talent, getting hold of sponsors is no big deal. You can also work in the film and television industry and design outfits to be worn on the screen. If you choose this option make sure you have a strong portfolio to showcase to prospective clients.

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Quirky Fashion Dissertation Topics Can Save Your Grades

classYes, you read it right. In any case, fashion is all about innovation and creativity, and an unconventional, yet subject oriented fashion dissertation topic is the perfect way to establish that knowledge. A quirky title will allow you to do more original research, would lessen the chances of plagiarism, will keep tediousness away, and most importantly, it will allow you to showcase your artistry, the very thing that has made you a fashion doctorate aspirant.

From reviewers point of view as well, these topics are more recognizable. Believe it or not, they have a bundle of write-ups on the influence of fashion on history, political world, celebs, everyday life and so on. Though the contents of these dissertations may vary, the sheer name of similar titles provokes the naysayer in most reviewers. So, indeed, you need to get out of the box if you really wish to improve your GPA scores.

Social awareness with fashion

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